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With over 70+ Years of experience of being a leader in the industry, Ali Hlaiyel & Sons Co. provide top notch Customs Clearance services. We pride ourselves in having the biggest volume of declarations at Queen Alia Airport in a densely populated and competitive industry.

Our team of experts and leaders drive the daily, ongoing and difficult customs clearance business activities seamlessly and effectively to provide our customers with the easiest and most time efficient methods of getting their goods through customs. 

Coupling competitive pricing with great service, Working 24/7, 365 days a year non-stop, we are fully committed to improving and maintaining our status as one of Jordan's most successful customs clearance brokers for another 70 years.

Modern Office Building


Queen Alia Amman International Airport
Airport Free Zone
Passenger Terminal
DHL Clearance Centre

Amman Customs Centre

Aqaba Port
Aqaba Passenger Terminal
Aqaba Special Economic Zone
King Hussein Airport Aqaba

Zarqa Free-Zone

All Licensed Bonded Areas

Omari border
Jaber Border
Karameh Borders
King Hussein Bridge

Navigating Customs:
The Ali Hlaiyel & Sons Guide


+962 6 5861320


+962 6 5854943

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